Olaide Ojewale
1 min readApr 22, 2020


I pray you experience love.

I pray you stay happy.

I pray your peace is always yours.

I pray you win in life.

I pray you never lose your magic.

I pray things go your way when it matters.

I pray you learn from your mistakes.

I pray your little efforts yield big results.

I pray you never have a better past.

I pray you never lack.

I pray fortune smiles on you.

I pray everything you touch becomes gold.

I pray you have all that you need and more.

I pray all that you have is good news.

I pray you heal from your sicknesses and hurts.

I pray you stand strong.

I pray you maximize your strength(s).

I pray you always find a reason to keep going.

I pray you live your life.

I pray you soar.

I pray you rise when you fall.

I pray your spirit finds more expression.

I pray your body always does the things your spirit wants.

I pray you understand that being your neighbor’s keeper is as important as keeping yourself.

I hope you also pray.