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Yes, Rails scaffolding is one of the big benefits of the framework. You, however, soon get to a point where it’s obvious that certain things are not a good fit for any of the three directories representing the MVC in your codebase. There are many ways (patterns) to address this, we’ll touch on a few.

Let’s take the example of a Fintech company enabling registered users to complete the KYC process by setting up their own profiles, and then doing some verification of the submitted information.

Some assumptions:

  • The data required for KYC include a photo…

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Here, your rose 🌹
Take it
While you’re here.

You are special. A big deal.
So big a pandemic couldn’t sweep you off
No matter how close it seemed.

You worried. You fought.
You hoped. You believed.
You failed. You tried.
You won. You laughed.
You showed up.

It’s the holiday.
You’re rested. I hope.
Refueled. Raring to go again.
May the odds be in your favor.

Adios to an historic year.
You are special.

💚 Mattwal

I pray you experience love.

I pray you stay happy.

I pray your peace is always yours.

I pray you win in life.

I pray you never lose your magic.

I pray things go your way when it matters.

I pray you learn from your mistakes.

I pray your little efforts yield big results.

I pray you never have a better past.

I pray you never lack.

I pray fortune smiles on you.

I pray everything you touch becomes gold.

I pray you have all that you need and more.

I pray all that you have is good news.


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I’m grateful!

I’m grateful for life and salvation. I didn’t do anything to deserve it.

I’m grateful for true family and friends, you’re beyond flesh and blood.

I’m grateful for love and peace.

I’m grateful for winning battles I didn’t even know I was in, because…God.

I’m grateful that I’m living in a time like this, the future can only be exciting.

I’m grateful for the impact that I’m able to make in my own way.

I’m grateful because I never stop getting the chance to pass the baton of kindness.

I’m grateful because 2020 is…

Race Condition
Race Condition
Source: Google [Secure Programming Clinic]

Wikipedia has a good definition for race conditions but I prefer this one from Search Storage — that I tweaked it just a bit.

A race condition is an undesirable situation that occurs when a device or system attempts to perform two or more operations at the same time, but because of the nature of the device or system, the operations must be executed in the proper sequence to be done correctly.

Uniqueness validation ensures that the value of the specified attributes are unique across the system. In Rails, you’d typically do:

validates_uniqueness_of :user_name

At MondayVC (our name is changing…

There are times where certain models need to share some behavior but their identities differ. Rails provides some baked-in functionality to handle these situations, we’d be looking at 3 of them.

Abstract Base Classes

An abstract base class in Rails Model is simply a model that is not persistent, i.e not backed by a table. It would look like:

# app/models/citizen.rbclass Citizen < ApplicationRecord
self.abstract_class = true

Declaring the model as abstract tells Rails to see it as one that’s not persistent and would be used to share functionality with its subclasses via Inheritance.

Say we have two other models that…

Screenshot of Rails repository — 10:10 GMT, 25th Jan 2019

Every software developer will likely come to a point where they have to contribute to a large project, whether it be a gigantic codebase with numerous commits and directories or an environment with different applications in a service-oriented architecture.

As an experienced developer, you’d be expected to get cracking real quick (or get ramped up quickly), but the interesting truth is that becoming a legend on a large codebase isn’t usually a walk in the park. Definitely gets better with more experience.

I’ve been lucky to start up some projects, as well as join some others that are quite large(over…

Little drops make a mighty ocean

I believe that habits are formed through routines. Routines are simply actions repeated long enough. In this article, I choose to focus on the most basic — actions.

A majority of people struggle with how to make their time productive. You’ve probably heard someone say something like: “I’m not confident that I achieved anything yesterday.” I hope to help that kind of person here:

  • Plan: Put up a personal daily schedule and you’re 50% more likely to end the day with some feeling of accomplishment, because you know what to spend your time on. Anything outside that is simply distraction.

Code review is quite necessary in software development, especially in an Agile workflow.

Recently, I was reviewing code for a feature on a project I’m working on. I was doing the review quite late - I should have done it a few days earlier but I was reluctant to. Why? Because I trusted those who wrote the code. There’s probably no need to review the “good work” they must have done, I thought.

Even world-class code deserves world-class review.

Why? Because I still needed to review the code in order to be familiar with the codebase. But that’s not all…

Configuring Your Rails App for Rspec, Cabybara and Selenium Tests

Writing the first integration test for a rails app could sometimes be unpleasant. It happened to me, so I know how it feels. I searched for days, found materials but they were just always half solutions.

The intention was to test my app with Rspec and Capybara. Little did I know that the feature I wanted from Capybara was a feature of Selenium which would be like a support to Capybara. …

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