Olaide Ojewale
1 min readApr 17, 2020


Source: Giphy Dot Com

I’m grateful!

I’m grateful for life and salvation. I didn’t do anything to deserve it.

I’m grateful for true family and friends, you’re beyond flesh and blood.

I’m grateful for love and peace.

I’m grateful for winning battles I didn’t even know I was in, because…God.

I’m grateful that I’m living in a time like this, the future can only be exciting.

I’m grateful for the impact that I’m able to make in my own way.

I’m grateful because I never stop getting the chance to pass the baton of kindness.

I’m grateful because 2020 is already bigger than some years, but I’m still standing and firing.

I’m grateful that I’m alive and well.

I’m grateful for you and yours.

I’m grateful for the recoveries from Covid-19.

I’m grateful for all the health workers and those fighting on the frontline.

I’m grateful for everyone lending a hand in their own way.

I’m grateful because the world would not bow to a pandemic. We will overcome!

I’m so grateful!