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  • The data required for KYC include a photo, proof of address, bank account, and NIN (National Identification Number).
  • Users may skip the KYC setup stage while creating an account.
  • Users need to be KYC compliant before they can make transactions above a set limit (say NGN 1k).
  • The company verifies the data submitted by the user before approving the user’s profile as KYC compliant.
  • The company sends periodic reminders to registered users who aren’t KYC compliant.
  • model to represent the KYC entity.
  • view to render the form to get the information.
  • controller action to map the route and initiate the setup process.
  • Store the photo in a 3rd party service e.g S3, Filestack, Cloudinary, etc.
  • Make some external API calls to verify the bank details, address, and NIN.
  • Send an email to the user to confirm a successful KYC data submission, or inform them of any problems that occurred while verifying their submission.
# app/workers/address_verification_worker.rbclass AddressVerificationWorker
# app/services/address_verification_service.rbclass AddressVerificationService




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Olaide Ojewale

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